Car Dvr With 3 Camera Lens

1.Front View 2.Car Inside View 3.Back View

Three Camera Picture In Picture Display

In addition to front and rear view. you can also observe everything that happens inside the car.Can choose a different screen viewing mode. before and after the
double record .car inside and outside the same record.large wide-angle high-definition picture quality.wider vision.driving more secure.

4.0Inch IPS Screen Display

4.0-inch IPS HD screen playback is more intuitive. clear and delicate.

Loop Recording

When this feature is turned on. the memory card is full and the oldest video will be overwritten by the newly recorded video.However. videos
under special conditions will not be overwritten. such as G-sensor. Parking Monitoring.


When your car is subjected to an impact or other emergency. the G sensor is triggered. so that the recorder immediately records and locks the video.

Motion Detection

With the motion detection function is enabled. when the Car DVR detects a moving object. it will automatically start recording video. When there is no moving
object. it will stop recording and detect the moving object again.


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