3 reviews for Heating Massaging Pad for Knee Shoulder Elbow 3 Modes

  1. febi

    I really appreciate it came with the extra shoulder extensions, because I needed the shorter one to extend the strap for my thigh which is not as slim as I would like.

    The heat works very well, on a bare skin Medium setting is good, on something like pajama pants High is good.

    The vibration feature however is quite useless for me, it drains the battery a lot faster and it is uncomfortable as the vibration motors press into your leg, especially if you lie down with it and turn over. I cut a small slit and cut them out. Much better for my comfort.

    Battery charges from dead in ~2.5 hours with an old Samsung phone charger rated for 2.1A, I tested the capacity its about 3500mAh so its not quite 4000mAh as advertised but it lasts a decent amount of time, charging current topped out at 1.7A

  2. febi

    I bought it for my husband for Christmas, he has been using it every day since! He has painful kneees due to arthritis and he loves doing his daily exercise. The thingie helps with the aftermath.

  3. febi

    Works great no issues love them

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